6 BEST Fonts for Programming in 2022

January 25, 2022

If you’re looking for a fresh font at the beginning of the year, this list is sure to help you discover a few new favorites!

Monospaced fonts are often considered ideal for programmers, as all characters occupy the exact same width making it easy to check, align or compare text.

1: MonoLisa

Remaining in the #1 slot from last year, MonoLisa features a few unique techniques that increase the legibility and make it visually pleasant to look at for longer periods of time.

While MonoLisa is a premium font, it no doubt sticks out as unique even with a quick glance.

Check out MonoLisa here!

2: Consolas

A font released by Microsoft and available by default with each Windows installation, Consolas provides an elegant monospaced typeface that many developers choose to use as their daily driver.

Check out Consolas here!

3: Input Mono

Input is a typeface system that allows for many customizations. Crafted by David Jonathan Ross, Input offers monospaced and proportional fonts.

Check out Input here!

4: Monofur

Monofur, an elegant and free typeface designed by Tobias Benjamin Köhler, is a monospace font that isn’t as widely known as it should be.

Each character is crafted with specific meaning and provides an easy-on-the-eyes option for programmers who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen.

Check out Monofur here!

5: Source Code Pro

A companion to Source Sans, this monospace font was designed by Paul D. Hunt specifically for coding environments.

Check out Source Code Pro here!

6: DejaVu Sans Mono

An unknown font to me until recently but now one of my favorites, DejaVu provides a beautiful typeface and elegant reading experience for those wanting something a bit more premium without having to pull out the wallet.

Check out DejaVu Sans Mono here!


Whether you’re a new developer looking to find a font style you like, or a seasoned vet looking for a change, I trust that the list above provides a great few font options for 2022!

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