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Blogfolio v3 Released!

December 13, 2022

My annual update released with several new features, including live link previews, a new article layout and design, and revamped open graph system for generating sharing images!

Added Delete Functionality to Community Wall

April 27, 2022

You can now remove a note you left on the Community Wall!

Revamped Code Blocks

April 24, 2022

Inspired by Tailwind's code blocks from their doc site, this revamped version includes a new design and improves readability by reducing the font size and line-height.

Custom Fonts!

April 9, 2022

Opted to use carefully chosen font-families for headings and body text. Headings now use Manrope and body text has Inter applied! I also decreased the font size and line height of the text throughout the site to provide an easier reading experience.

Introducing the Community Wall!

April 4, 2022

Want a way to interact with me or other visitors? Now you can with the introduction of the Community Wall! Leave me a note, comment or idea and see other notes from the community!

Added Scroll Snap Behavior on Article Tags

March 29, 2022

When viewing the blog page, tags now snap to the start of the list when you scroll, providing a much improved experience when browsing topics. The tag list is also topped with an icon and descriptive text to better indicate the expected behavior.

Added a Blogfolio Archive Route

March 3, 2022

Added an archives route that will redirect visitors to past versions of my blogfolio! Try navigating to ‘’

Added Blog Preview Mode

February 20, 2022

Utilizing the powerful preview mode API that Next.js provides, I can now see draft articles live on my site without affecting other visitors.

Added Favicon

January 30, 2022

Updated my site’s favicon. The fresh design includes a lovely squircle!

Updated mobile menu

January 5, 2022

Revised mobile menu with a new design that is less cumbersome, more user-friendly and contains a blurred background for visual distinction!

Added RSS Feed

December 19, 2021

Keep up to date with what’s new by subscribing to my RSS feed!

Blogfolio v2 released!

December 13, 2021

I finally hit the publish button! Moving from Gatsby to Next.js, my new blogfolio has a bunch of cool new features! Read the blog post to learn more!

Updated to Tailwind v3.0

December 9, 2021

Tailwind v3 is out and the upgrade was extremely smooth! Version 3 brings a lot of great new features and improvements - some of which are found here on my blogfolio!

Page Transitions

December 7, 2021

Added page transitions and parallax scrolling animations with Framer Motion

Dynamic Open Graph Banners

December 3, 2021

Using the power of Cloudinary, my blog automatically pulls the article banner and title and crafts a dynamic banner to use when articles are shared to social media!

Crafted the Projects page

November 29, 2021

Selected a few projects to highlight on my blog. Added some lovely device screenshots, too!

Blurred gradients

November 27, 2021

Added some subtle animation to the landing page of my portfolio! The blurred gradients traverse the page and add a bit of eye candy to the finish of the site.

Added Changelog

November 22, 2021

I had a Changelog on my old portfolio, but this revamped version grabs its data from Notion!

About page ready to go

November 21, 2021

Spent the afternoon tidying up the About page.

Toolbox content sourced from Notion

November 18, 2021

I updated the Toolbox page to source its data from Notion. Making changes to this page is now trivial and no longer requires me to manually add the change to my repo!

Updated blog layout

November 17, 2021

I decided to refactor the single-column blog layout and upgrade to a right-side sticky sidebar. On desktop devices, this means that article reactions and social sharing options are always accessible.




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